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PBB In Action

Psychology Beyond Borders works with communities alongside governmental and non-governmental agencies around the globe to provide psychosocial support to those affected by disasters, terrorism, or armed conflict. PBB’s initiatives strive to not only alleviate distress that can occur in the aftermath of traumatic experiences, but also to boost self-reliance and to support the natural resilience of affected communities. By working together with local people in each community, PBB strives to contribute to a sustainable local skills and knowledge base, with the goal of strengthening and enhancing local communities’ capacities to provide services on their own whenever possible.

Research and evaluation are integral components of all PBB projects. PBB is committed to using and/or testing approaches identified as “best practice” and adding to the body of evidence about what constitutes best practice. PBB is equally committed to extensive consultation and collaboration with local partners to ensure culturally appropriate work that incorporates and respects local needs and customs.
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